by Tal Drori

Le Blog de Betty is possibly my most consistent blog crush. Betty is a petite Parisian blogger documenting her fashion choices and travels. Her tastefully assembled outfits are captured in well-composed photos taken by her camera-shy boyfriend. Whenever l become a bit overwhelmed by too-glossy fashion imagery Betty's blog is my perfect antidote; its polished aesthetic is evocative without being intimidating and the styling is inspiring but still within my comfort zone.


Betty artfully puts together slouchy tops with skinny and super-short bottoms creating balanced
silhouettes and outfits that always carry a certain amount of freedom. Her bold mix of fabrics
create textured looks perfectly complemented by stunning footwear, with flats and trainers
regularly featured. But what I love most is that browsing Betty doesn't fuel my online-shopping
hunger. Instead I'll dive into my wardrobe and play match maker to items that have never been
introduced before.

Le Blog De Betty 1
Photographs from by Betty Autier

Photographs from by Betty Autier