by Tal Drori

I was deeply moved by Bertil Nilsson’s beautiful dance film when I first saw it about a month ago. Nilsson is a London-based photographer and filmmaker whose work explores movement and the human form. I love his stylised stills but it’s this film that really blew me away.

I am slightly obsessed with dance. I’ve been training in classical ballet for many years and Tel Aviv,
my second home, has an amazing contemporary dance scene. I love watching it live but somehow
dance films almost always leave me a bit indifferent. Not this one though. Nilsson’s two-minute 
film, featuring and named after the mesmerising Fukiko Takase, explodes with raw emotion. The 
stripped-back production is reduced to a few basic elements that are all in perfect balance with one
another. I love how the stark backdrop is animated by the electric colour treatment, heightening
the potency of the images even further. And as if this visual sensation wasn’t enough, the piece
is scored with this heartbreaking song by Jason Molina. I just watched it again, probably for the
15th time. It still moves me.


The Bridge Table

by Tal Drori

We have a beautiful coffee table. Technically speaking it’s not really ours: we got it from someone who is a talented furniture designer and also a friend. Originally it was a wedding present for a couple of friends of his and ours. Now, with their new baby crawling everywhere, the table has been declared as dangerous . Baby’s safety trumps beautifully designed objects and so we are now storing it in our living room just by the sofa. Until when? We don’t know. It’s called the Bridge Table. Such an appropriate name.  

The bridge table was created by  Rob Culverhouse 

The bridge table was created by Rob Culverhouse 


by Tal Drori

Le Blog de Betty is possibly my most consistent blog crush. Betty is a petite Parisian blogger documenting her fashion choices and travels. Her tastefully assembled outfits are captured in well-composed photos taken by her camera-shy boyfriend. Whenever l become a bit overwhelmed by too-glossy fashion imagery Betty's blog is my perfect antidote; its polished aesthetic is evocative without being intimidating and the styling is inspiring but still within my comfort zone.


Betty artfully puts together slouchy tops with skinny and super-short bottoms creating balanced
silhouettes and outfits that always carry a certain amount of freedom. Her bold mix of fabrics
create textured looks perfectly complemented by stunning footwear, with flats and trainers
regularly featured. But what I love most is that browsing Betty doesn't fuel my online-shopping
hunger. Instead I'll dive into my wardrobe and play match maker to items that have never been
introduced before.

Le Blog De Betty 1
Photographs from LeBlogdeBetty.com by Betty Autier

Photographs from LeBlogdeBetty.com by Betty Autier